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Common Mistakes Made by Tenants

Lidieth Macicek - Wednesday, March 18, 2015
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NOT reading Residential Lease Agreement

Most tenants make the mistake of only reading the first page of their residential lease agreement. Tenants, remember this is a legal binding contact you have signed! It goes over more than just the rent payment and security deposit required. Always read the details regarding late fee charges and security deposit return procedures.

*Late fee changes: Rent must be RECEIVED NOT POSTMARKED by the date listed on your lease agreement or it will be considered late and late fees will apply.

*Security deposit refunds: Tenant must give property manager 30 days from move out date to release security deposit and give itemization of it. Please read the list of deductions that can be made.

NOT filling out your inventory condition form

An Inventory Condition Form is a form that a new tenant should fill out at move in.   Within this form you fill out the condition the condition that property was in at move in. All items are presumed to be in condition unless noted within the form. Therefore, it serves as a baseline for determining anything beyond normal wear and tear that happens while you are a resident. At move-out, the property manager or landlord will use this same form to determine the condition of the property. It’s common for the Inventory and Condition Form to have a significant impact on whether or not you get your full security deposit back. As a tenant it is extremely important to fill out your inventory condition form and return it to your property manager within the required by the lease.

NOT having renter’s insurance

A landlord’s insurance does not cover the tenant’s personal property. If there’s a fire, flood or a roof leak that damages your valuables, you will be responsible for your personal property. Renter’s insurance premiums are relatively inexpensive make it a priority after you sign your lease to get insurance.

NOT allowing landlord access to property

The Texas Association of REALTORS residential lease agreement states that the landlord or anyone authorized by the landlord may enter the property at reasonable time. The property manager has to give a written notice to tenant prior to accessing the property. Furthermore, if tenant declines any showings will property is on the market landlord can charge 100.00 per denial.

NOT changing A/C filter

Again, read your lease thoroughly. Most lease agreements state that you are responsible for changing the AC filters every month. Your filters catch dust, pollens and other allergens. And if it’s choked with dust and pet hair, it slows down the cold airflow, makes the system run harder and longer – and costs you more money. Not only are you violating your lease but you can end up spending a lot of money in repairs.

NOT giving proper written notice

The Texas Association of REALTORS Residential lease agreement requires that all notices be giving in written. Texting your property manager about an HOA violation you received is not a effective or acceptable for of notice. Calling the property management company and giving a 30 day move out notice is not proper for notice. Remember; always give written notice via email or certified mail.

NOT maintaining yard

The lease agreement clearly states yard maintenance as the tenants’ reasonability. Renting a home with a yard? YOU are responsible for the up keep not the landlord. Does the rental property have an HOA association? Guess what any violation is the tenant’s responsibility and any violation fees will be charged back to the tenant. Please read the special previsions within Yard maintenance paragraph of your lease.

NOT disclosing pets

Don’t assume your property manager will allow you to have a pet without permission or pet deposit. Pets without approval will cause you to forfeit your security deposit.

If you have questions or need advice regarding your residential lease agreement please Contact Us. AREA Texas Realty & Property Management has been proudly serving the Houston area for over twenty years. Our agents bring a vast amount of experience and dedication!

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